Eating Food Without Animal Products is Healthier and Better for the Planet

It is no surprise that new trends are focusing on healthy eating and environmental awareness. In fact, many people are now paying attention to the foods that they put into their bodies and are more conscientious about how their actions affect the world around them. While dieting and healthy eating has long been popular and gaining attention in the media, the advent of the internet and new alternative food products has given the health-conscious a boost. While most people know that it is important to eat a diet that is rich in natural vegetable, fruits and other plans, not everyone realizes what an impact this has on their health and the planet. Companies like Hampton Creek are aware of how beneficial the use of plants in food products is, and they are seeking to change the way that the world looks at food.

Most people eat a diet that is rich in animal products or byproducts, whether it be meat, milk, eggs or other assorted ingredients. These animal-based items are found in a huge portion of mainstream food on the market today. This includes items like pasta, salad dressing, baked goods, condiments and more. In fact, eggs alone are the basis for many different products, as they offer binding and leavening agents that are helpful in baking and cooking. If human beings were even slightly less reliant on eggs for food, both the general environment and peoples health would improve significantly. Hampton Creek original products included Just Mayo, which is an eggless version of the popular condiment that offers similar taste and texture to the real thing.

The planet’s resources are being used up quickly, especially due to the food industry. Housing and caring for livestock for their eggs, milk and meat takes up a great deal of space, water and power in addition to having a negative impact on the surrounding environment. In addition, studies have shown that eating fewer animal products and increasing plant intake is a great way to improve human health. For these reasons and more, Hampton Creek is focused on changing the global food industry through their plant-based products. They have recently released over forty new products to Walmart and Target, including baking mixes, salad dressings, peanut butter and more. These products coupled with global interest in new food sources will hopefully lead to a change in the way that people feed themselves.

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